Your local chapter of the Adrian Empire!

The Adrian Empire was founded in the spring of 1987 and is dedicated to the study and recreation of the culture and history between the years 793 (Raid on Lindisfarne) and 1625 (The death of King James I). We are a not-for-profit organization that works to study and promote the advancement of knowledge and skills reflective of this time period.

Our local chapter of the Adrian Empire is the Duchy of Connacht. We are a family organization with members in the Northern and Central Okanagan of British Columbia. Our group is a structured society where individuals are acknowledged based on specific achievements within our four main disciplines: Combat, Arts and Science, Archery and Ministry. This allows everyone the equal opportunity to advance and excel in the disciplines of their choosing. Each discipline has three levels of achievement (Knightly Rankings) that can be earned by participation in our local events, our demo’s and our wars.

We always have at least one local event a month, where we get together to hold tournaments, classes, presentation and court. As a group, we also do a couple demo’s a year to showcase our interests, and let people know how they can get involved!

Please visit our Calendar to check out what’s going on soon!

If you would like further information regarding the Duchy of Connacht, please send us an email at

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