Newcomer’s Resources & Information

Within the Adrian Empire, you can advance and earn rankings in four disciplines areas. You can earn knighthoods in Combat, Arts & Science, Archery and Ministry. Each of these disciplines have their own requirements for the path to knighthood, and you can choose to focus on any individual, or all areas at the same time. Below is a brief explanation about each discipline and contact information for our Minister in this position should you have any questions. They would love to hear from you!

Adria and Combat

There are three levels of combat that we practice regularly in Connacht. All combat is to the touch, and each level has different armour requirements to promote a safe learning environment. All combatants must pass a written safety exam and be authorized before they are allowed to compete.

Our beginner level is Shinai combat, which uses a Shinai (Kendo/bamboo sword) which engages our new fighters while teaching them the basic techniques and control of swordplay. Shinai combat can be learned by anyone ages 12 and up.

Our next level of combat is Renaissance combat, which uses a rapier sword. Similar to Musketeer style fighting, this style of learning is open to anyone ages 14 and up, and utilizes more finesse and technique. .

Our final level of combat is Armoured Combat. This level has very strict full armour requirements, as the combatants fight with live steel weapons. They fight with a variety of weapons such as longswords, spears and maces and Pole arms.

Adria and Arts and Science

Some of the most interesting advancements, and tools were created by artisans and scientists of the time period. This discipline focuses on the physical recreation and understanding of items and objects used during the medieval lifestyle. This can range from anything such as song and poem, blacksmithing, weaving, tool construction, armour formation, calligraphy and illumination, glass lampworking, leatherworking, period cooking and feasts, and the list goes on! If they created it, thought it, studied it, so can we!

Our A & S enthusiasts can work on projects which can be entered, and judged by a panel at our monthly events. Each entry builds towards achieving a Knighthood in Arts and Science. We also work hard to host and teach classes to spread and share knowledge and skills within the group. We are dedicated to learning and encouraging the styles and techniques which our modern day is founded on.

 Adria and Archery

Within Adria we have many areas in which you can partake in Archery events. There is no age requirement for archery so it is an excellent way to get kids involved in medieval life!  We have monthly target shooting tournaments, in which you may use a standard recurve bow, or for those looking for a more period feel, you can explore your archery options with a European period bow; such as a longbow, or horse bow. We keep archery interesting and challenging with a variety of target shooting scenarios, long distance shoots, and combat archery!  Our Combat archery uses foam headed arrows which are safe to shoot during war scenarios at combatants, and provide archers who may not otherwise fight a way to be involved in our combat battles!

Adria and Ministry

Our Ministry discipline focuses on recognizing those individuals who excel at service, behind the scenes work and organizing events. Whether you run a class, organize an event, or always have busy hands, helping members we want to recognize and celebrate your hard efforts! Ministry is an integral and key part in making sure our Duchy runs smoothly, and efficiently.

We also have a set of people who have volunteered to be “Ministers” within the organization and hold an office within their area of specific interest. This allows there to be a designated contact to field specific questions, however you do not need to hold an office, to earn ministry points. Ministry is also a great way to get to know the members in the group, and all help, whether big or small at any event is greatly appreciated!